Handcrafted Books

Your favorite books rebound in beautiful detail

What is rebinding?

In this context rebinding (or re-covering) means I am taking a book out of its original case (or cover) and preserving what's called a text block, the content of the story bound together. I create a new case, strengthen the text block, and add any details like a bookmark or endbands. Then I combine the text block with the new case, creating a custom hardcover book.

  • Do you bind books as well as rebind?

    No, I do not offer binding from printed pages or digital documents.

  • Pricing

    Reaching out for a personalized quote will let me judge most accurately. My rebinds typically cost between $125 and $210.

    Simple design (title and author on front cover and spine) on leather : $125

    Complex design on leather: $155

    Page gilding: $20
    Custom endbands: $20
    Silk ribbon bookmark: $5

  • Do you rebind fanfiction?

    No, I do not rebind (or bind) fanfiction, sorry!